House of Representatives

in the USA

Specifics & Responsibilities

- 435 members

- 2 yr terms

- 90% of all representatives reelected

- If die, governor appoints temp replacement

- # based on census every 10 yrs

- Reapportionment - losing/gaining reps based on pop. change

- Redistricting - ea. rep assigned congressional district within state

- Exclusion - decide by majority vote not to seat elected member

- May expel legislator by 2/3 vote

- Has 4 nonvoting delegates from territories (DC, Guam, Am. Samoa & Virgin Islands)

Leadership Positions

- Speaker of the House - presiding officer of house & leader of majority party; great influence, appoints some committees, schedule bills for action; 3rd in line to presidency

- Majority leader - floor leader of their party; elected by majority party; plan program, steer bills, & keep tabs on committee chairpersons.

- Whips - assistant floor leaders


- Age: 25+ yrs

- US citizen for 7+ yrs

- Must be legal resident of state electing them

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- Set own salary (but does not begin till after next election)

- Free stationary

- Free medical clinic

- Free gym

- Large allowances to pay for staff, trips home, and communication

- Tax deductions

- Possible pensions of $150,000+/yr for life

- Freedom from arrest (except treason, felony & breach of piece)

- Cannot be sued for things said while on floor