Tarun K.

Want to see a classical play with a important moral called A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens with a grumpy old man named Scrooge being haunted by three ghosts on Christmas Eve, so he can have a better future!

Firstly, This is a very unique with a lot of different words. The singing, the dancing, and the acting. By the way did I tell you that these are Professional actors that make it looks like this is in real life. The stage setting makes it look even better, and the lighting is so cool. You should see the enters for the 3 ghosts and Marley entrances. You will be blown way. Everybody did a great job.

secondly, You should see how the main character(Scrooge) changes over time. It is cool how each ghosts shows him something different . One of the ghosts shows him the Christmas past, the others shows him the Christmas present, and the final ghost will show him the Christmas future. There is also a ghost called Marley that warns him about three ghosts going to haunt him soon.

In addition, Scrooge makes some important sacrifices that are important. You should watch for some of them. For example at the end of the play he sacrifices his money. The money was sacrificed because he learned a lesson, and doesn't want that to happen again

In conclusion, It is a great play! You should read the book to. This book has a lot of good things in them, and many reasons to go to the play. It is a classical Christmas play that you should definitely go to!

In the play Scrooge has to sacrifice all his money to be a good person, so he doesn't have to have to go through the three ghosts again. I had to sacrifice one of my spring break trips to Some indoor water park, because I didn't want to miss my Basketball tournament!