Mr. B's End of February Lights

How will March come in? Lion? Lamb?

Please note the background!

I am simply thinking of springtime and how it will be so terrific to see the green grass and blooming flowers. For the skiers, tubers, sledders, and snowmobilers, not so much, still your February has been terrific for those activities.

Family Game Night/Maker Space Projects of Gr. 3

The games were real, the kids' excitement was real, the cafeteria was really fun and packed with families and friends. Under the planning of Mrs.Tylke, Mrs. Iwanksi, Mrs. Meissner, and Mr. Sutter, the first annual Family Game Night was held at the Primary School on Monday night. Games were played, inventive and creatively designed by third graders and others were professionally produced games of chance and skill. Games were raffled off at the close of the evening. Enjoy the video below produced by Mrs. Iwanski
Big picture

Family Games Night Rocked!

Lots of fun with games and chatter and enthusiasm, and plenty of smiles. Thanks everyone for making the night a blast!

It's back, with all of the snow!

Wendy Monson and Lauren Sieger have the kids rockin and rolliin on the fresh snow for physical education. The kids learn about equipment and technique. The snow does work for us here at the Primary. Thanks ladies!

Mike Budisch

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