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July Newsletter

We Missed You Like Crazy*

After months holed up in the Community Room, creeping out to put little bags of books borrowed from other libraries on the front porch and then scurrying in again, we are so pleased to say that the library is really and truly open.

The last few weeks have been something between a soft opening and a shakedown cruise, as we tie up loose ends, re-tie them when they become loose again, create new loose ends that can only be tied after a few others have been secured, discover new loose ends buried under the old ones etc. etc. It has been one day of kompology after the next as we work our way towards normalcy.

Fortunately, we have also been seeing more and more of you come through the doors to pick up books, use the computers, check out the renovated space and just catch up. One of the big misconceptions that folks have about libraries is that they are about books when, in fact, they are really about people. Without all of you, the library is a pretty dull and lifeless place, no matter how beautiful the new woodwork is.

If you haven't already been in, we hope to see you soon as we inch toward the finish line of our renovation project.

All the best,



Summer Hours

Monday: 10am-5pm

Tuesday-Thursday: 10am-7pm

Friday: 10am-5pm

Saturday: 10am-1pm

Welcome New Staff Members

We are pleased to report that Emily McDonald and Lynne Weygint have joined our staff. Both are new to libraries, but bring great skill sets and are learning fast. They are carrying on the Greenwich Free Library tradition of helpful, friendly service. We're so glad to have found them.

Meeting Space

We currently have one downstairs meeting room available for public use. Please stop in or call if you'd like to reserve it. It is only available during regular library hours.

We are working on clearing up the other meeting rooms and expect that they will be available by the end of the month.

Summer Reading!

This year, the Summer Reading program is simple and puts the emphasis on local. We are doing paper signups and tracking only.

All our prizes, except for books, are from the Washington County Fair. We all missed it so much last year, we thought people would be really psyched to get ride tickets, t-shirts and admission passes this year.

Remember that all reading counts: being read to, reading to others, listening to audio books and reading to yourself all engage kids in story, improve their vocabulary and give them space to let their imaginations take over.

So come in and sign your young readers up.

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