The Weekly Jr. Oiler

September 14, 2018

Jr. Oilers Live and Learn with GRIT

Our new motto this year is: Jr. Oilers live and learn with GRIT! Students are learning all about core values that are important here at school and in life. Gratitude, Responsibility, Integrity, and Tenacity (GRIT) are the focus for all areas of campus, be it in the classroom, cafeteria, hallways, etc. Students learned these expectations in a GRIT assembly and also in GRIT campus tours last Friday.

Students are earning GRITcoin daily for showing the positive behaviors of our core values. They will have a few opportunities starting next week to spend some GRITcoin and in late October our student store will open (we are setting the economy right now). Other changes this year involve the way we honor a student of the month. Rather than have a ceremony before school with just a few students being recognized, we have decided to award GRITbands. On the last day of each month. teachers will be handing out up to 8 GRITbands to various students who have displayed a tremendous amount of either Gratitude, Responsibility, Integrity, or Tenacity. Students should wear these proudly, as they will be randomly rewarded for earning these bands and showing school pride! Parents will receive an email letting you know your child received a band - please ask them about it at home. Our first GRITband Day is September 30.

PTSA has been generous enough to help fund all of our new GRIT signs, GRITbands, and will be purchasing items for the Student Store. Please join PTSA to help fund our new program. It is already making a difference on campus! If you have any ideas of rewards or contacts, please contact Principal Glembocki. We are so excited to reward those who do what's right!

School Site Council

We are looking for parent volunteers for a few committees this year. School Site Council meets to review school goals, budgeting to meet those goals, school safety plans, and more. We are looking for two/three parents to fill this committee. We are also looking for a parent of an English Learner to represent Dwyer at the District English Learner Advisory Committee/District Advisory Council. This group advises the School Board on school programs, as well as programs and services for English Learners and non-proficient students. Each group meets 3-4 times throughout the year. If you are interested in either committee, please email by Friday, September 21.

New/Revised School Policies

This year, we have updated some of our school policies and want you to be aware so that students do not incur consequences. We would much rather have students be rewarded for following school rules and having GRIT!

Tardies: It is super important for students to be on time - not only in the morning, but to every class throughout the day. Students are better prepared and more relaxed when they are not rushing and flustered. We have even instituted a warning chime during passing periods to let students know they have one minute before being tardy. There will be rewards for students who display GRIT by being on time.

There is also a consequence structure for students with habitual tardies. Anyone with 3 or more in one week with be given an infraction. Students who continue to accrue tardies will then be assigned detentions and Friday/Saturday School. 6 or more tardies in one week is an immediate Friday/Saturday School.

Dress Code: Dwyer has a set dress code policy that students must adhere to. All expectations were discussed at our opening assemblies and are also on our website. Students choosing to break the dress code with be given loaner clothes to wear for the remainder of the day. Clothing items will be returned to students when they return the loaner clothing.

Drop-off and Pick-up Reminders

Please make sure to use 14th Street or Palm Avenue to drop-off and pick-up your child. Rather than double parking, you may also want to come up with a meeting location a block or two away. There are crossing guards on both streets to help out, so either side of those streets are safe. Please make sure your child uses a crosswalk at all times.

The back parking lot is not a safe area for student walkways and therefore is not a drop-off and pick-up location. It will be under construction all year and is closed to all but staff. Thank you.

What's Happening in September?

September 18 - PTSA Family Night at MOD Pizza

September 18 - Step It Up fundraiser assemblies

September 20 - Picture Day

September 21- PTSA Meeting, 9-10 AM in Media Center

September 27 - Back to School Night, 5:30-7:30 PM