Oologah High School FIRST Team 4487


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Who We Are/Team History

Robotics team 4487 is made up of a group of 20-30 students, three teachers, and the support of the community. Our team functions on a goal-to-goal basis to get the job done quickly and efficiently. One of our most important morals is to help other teams in any way we can. If we wouldn't have received the help that we did, we never would have had the chance to be this successful. Last year was our rookie year, and as a rookie team we built a robot to compete with the best of them. We were told we would be lucky if the robot drove at all. Instead, we managed to build a robot that could score points from the other side of the playing field, earning us the Rookie All-Star Award and sending us to the international competition in St. Louis, Missouri. Our team is based off of the determination of our members and the hard work they put in every day. However, we still know how to enjoy what we are doing and have come to think of the War-Room as a second home.

This Year's Goals

  • Build the best possible robot that we can.
  • Incorporate the knowledge that we received from our previous experiences and workshops into our robot.
  • Grow our member base and get the community more involved with our program.
  • Form partnerships with companies and build a stable financial base.
  • Our long term goal is to win the Chairman's Award which will send us to International Competitions every year.

Why We Need Your Help

We would like to make partnerships with the community and the surrounding areas. We attend a small school in a small town. We are asking for donations and/or sponsorships that can be provided for us.

Sponsors that donate $7000 will receive the gold level, $5000 sponsors will receive the silver level, and $1000 sponsors will receive the bronze level. Sponsors' names will appear in order of greatest donation on the robot as well as on the banner at all competitions including internationals.

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