advice from the helpful fairy

from naya fernandez

dear fairy,

i have read your column for years,but i never thought that i would be writing to you. i've tried going to meetings of "women who love too much" but i'm still hurting,so i thought maybe you could help me. my problem is that the guy i love doesn't want to be in the same room with me. i follow,yet he runs. Ontop of that hes in love with my best friend! should i give up,or keep hoping?maybe im just not ready to let go of the me please! hes slowly ripping my heart out.

-anonymous me.

Dear Anonymous Me,

I think this guy is a total start off i completely know how it feels like to feel so hang in there.

Maybe if y'all had past, y'all can have future.have you ever tried talking to him?Maybe sometime you two could go to dinner and both let your feelings out. I'm just not so sure you want to hear what he has to say.Another con is that he might not want meet you if you've been in complete stalker mode lately.

Also keep in mind that i'm amazing at love spells.I can make him chase after you for years until the spell finally wears off.You will be the apple of his eye,but a disadvantage is that it wont be real love.You could have him dying for you and he will be all yours.Just call me if you wanna go with that idea(;

The last piece of advice i have for you is don't give up on what y'all could be,but don't let him consume your whole life.

-Helpful fairy

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Helena thinks Lysander is making fun of her and its hurting her.

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Helena crushed on Demetrius and now she cant get over him because he is the love of her life.

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Helena use to date Demetrius and now she misses him