My Bucket List

By: Natalie Truss

Explore a Cave- Jamul, California

I would go with my brother, maybe. I am not sure that would be a good idea but you should always try something new, right. I would imagine it being hot and sticky but lots of fun. Weathering there is physical, and I think the erosion is caused by gravity.
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Hiking a mountain- Estes Park, Colorado

I would want to go with my cousins that live in Longmont, Colorado, which is thirty minutes away from Estes Park. They are fun and when we were visiting my cousins we were going to go up in the mountains at Estes Park. Thinks to me though, we were driving there and the rode was curvy and I had my car sickness medicine but it didn't work, and I think you can figure out what happened next. Blah! So we were not able to do what we had planned, but we cleaned me up and shopped which turned out to be fun as well. So I really just want a redo and fell the cool breeze. Weathering there is physical,and the erosion there is caused by several things I think running water, wind, and gravity.
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Its Time To Take Flight to Estes Park

Beach- Kaanapali, Hawaii

I would want to go with a bunch of my friends and go walking up and down the beach and talk about the latest. I would imagine it feeling cool and fresh and smell, well like the sea. The weathering here is probably physical, and the erosion is caused by waves and wind.
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Beach- Corpus Christi, Texas

I would want to go there with my family and we could mess around in the sand and look for seashells. We could also go looking for crabs and it would be fun. I think I would also want to feel the cool sand under my feet. The weathering here is physical, and the erosion is probably is waves and wind.
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Safari-Kruger National Park, South Africa

I would go here with my family and we would take lots of pictures. I would also go with my cousins, my aunts, and my uncles, the whole pack of wild cats. Ha Ha Ha! I would it would smell a lot like sunscreen and would be very hot. I like the smell of sunscreen and I wouldn't mind the hot weather. The weathering is physical, and the erosion is probably wind.