Norfolk Panthers

Norfolk Jr. High

By Jordyn S.

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Muffin Man

Once upon a time there was an old man named the Muffin Man.
The Muffin Man used to have another name, but changed it to the Muffin Man, so everyone asks each other, if they know the Muffin man? The Muffin Man changed his name to The Muffin Man in April of 2014. But the problem is that there are two muffin Men now, so everyone has to say, “Do you know the Muffin Man who lives on Drury Lane?” Otherwise, there may be confusion. Everyone calls him The Muffin Man who lives on Drury Lane and they call the other one The Muffin Man.

THe Olympics

The Olympics are a series of sport events that only the professionals can compete in. Those athletes represent their country as they travel all around the world competing in a wide variety of sports. There are two types of Olympics; The Summer and the Winter Olympics. In the Summer Olympics, sports require warmer weather conditions(there is about 41 Summer Olympic sport events), and the Winter Olympics sports require colder weather conditions (there is about 15 Winter Olympic sport events). The Olympics started in 776 BC, but then were put an end to in 393 AD by an emperor.Then in 1896, the modern Olympics started back up.The Olympics got its name from the city, Olympia, where they were first held at in about 776 BC.The symbol for the Olympics is five different colored rings chained together.The Olympic rings were originally designed in 1912. Overall, the Olympics are a very competitive and difficult rally of sports.

The Maze Runner

Thomas wakes up cold and wet in what looks like a crate. He doesn’t remember anything leading up to this other than that his name is Thomas. After what seems like forever, the cage emerges into bright blinding light. Thomas is surrounded by a bunch of boys all about teenagers, who tell him that they have also have their memory erased too. Thomas soon discovers that they are all trapped in a maze that changes every night and is filled with deadly creatures and that the people who put them in the maze have sent a new boy to the Glade on the same day every month. But then, only a day after arriving in what the Gladers call The Glade, a girl is sent to the maze in a coma, saying one thing over and over, “ Everything is going to change, Thomas.” Thomas joins their fight to escape, but along the way he loses some new friends.

The maze runner is my favorite movie and book. If you haven’t seen or read it yet, I strongly suggest that you do soon.


Miss Jordyn Schommer is and was always an amazing person. In high school She participated in cross country, basketball, and track/field. She graduated in 2020 from the Norfolk high school. She then moved onto college at Wesleyan. After graduating from Wesleyan, she majored in veterinarian school. After she graduated, she got married and adopted three children All from other countries and became a veterinarian. She still loves to run and tend to her seven pets. Jordyn plans to retire anywhere from age 50-65. Jordyn is very kind to her animals and everyone around her.

My Favorite Game

My favorite game to play on the computer is Monkey Go Happy. Monkey Go Happy is a puzzling game filled with tricks and problems to solve. If you were to play Monkey Go Happy, you would first pick out your favorite look for the monkey that you will see throughout the game. Then you would start the game of which you attempt to solve the main puzzle of the game. When that is solved, it will make the monkey (that you first selected at the beginning of the game) go happy. There are many different themes on Monkey Go Happy, for example, there is a midevil times monkey Go Happy, a Halloween Monkey Go Happy, and so many more types of Monkey Go Happy. Overall, Monkey Go Happy is a very challenging game with many different styles to it.

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