Virginia Colony

American Colony From England and Her Majesty

The Fabulous Virginia

We are the best colony because we were the first permanent colony of America. Virginia was settled by the great John Smith in 1607, with back by the Landon Company. Specific location is where the beautiful current state of Virginia is.It was the warmest of three regions, winter is easy to survive unlike most colonies, and crops grow year round, plantation living lifestyle. There will be easy living so far if you catch my drift. Virginia gives people the taste of the mountains, valleys, and the coastal plains living lifestyle. It was a Royal colony with the a great government set up very similar to England.The fantastic religion is Protestantism. John Smith was our great founder, Queen Elizabeth The First was the queen of this fine establishment, Sir Thomas Dale was the first Governor, credited for naming James Town.

Map of the beautiful Virginia

The Mountains, The Valleys, and The Coastal Plains

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Our Founder John Smith the Adventurer Who Help the Virginia Company Colonize Virginia
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Help Queen Elizabeth the First build her empire settle in Virginia
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