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"Today's Students...Tomorrow's Workforce"

Our North Star: A Culture of College and Career Readiness

In career and technical education, maintaining a North Star is ensuring that faculty, students and stakeholders all have a firm understanding of a shared goal. At Our Career Center, our North Star is simple: College and Career Readiness. In order to maintain this North Star, we must have transparent communication and work in collaboration with many entities, to include industry partners in education, community members and educators that serve in multiple capacities.

This week's article discusses the importance of having a North Star and a shared goal for pathway outcomes. Chiefs for Change places emphasis on engaging all stakeholders and tracking and regularly reporting progress and results toward the shared pathways goal and underlying success metrics. Our mantra remains, Together we are building the future: Today's Students, Tomorrow's Workforce. You may also find that we speak often of standards and values and how we strive to be: Industry Recognized, Industry Valued.

Career "Centered" Conversations: Join Us Every Tuesday!

Below you will find some examples of our "Career Centered Conversations." This is a question posted every Tuesday evening relative to our "Article of the Week". Our instructors engage by replying below the posted tweet. Join Us on Twitter, Tuesdays!

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Culinary Arts Dishes for the Week

We Showcase the Special Dishes of the Week Courtesy of Culinary Arts. 1. Chocolate Crepes 🍫 2. Italian Meringue Cupcakes 🧁 3. Tomato, Red Cabbage Slaw 🍅🥬 Industry Valued… Industry Recognized @YsletaISD! 👩🏻‍🍳

PTECH Site Visit with Our Coach: Tonie Kreye

Our Career Center met with Ms. Tonie Kreye, our PTECh coach to discuss benchmarks and design elements, outcome based measures and facilitated learning. We had rich conversation on challenges/strengths our program has encountered over the pandemic.

P-Tech Advisory Committee Meeting

In conjunction w/ EPCC and neighboring school districts, Riverside PTECH serves on the advisory committee that meets monthly to discuss enrollment, applications and ideas for the future of our students. Thank you Dean Badillo, Dr. Pagel & Dr. Stotts!

Career Center: The Family Expo at the Convention Center

Our Cybersecurity and Video Game Design programs of study are representing at the Family Expo this weekend! Our students had a reserved area for drone demonstrations and eSports competition. What a great event to showcase our programs and talents.

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Auto-Technology: '69 Mustang

We've got a full house at the Autotech 1 class. Wheel alignment and a fuel pump upgrade for our #AutoX car, suspension modifications for the #69Mustang, and the beginnings of a motor swap on our off-road truck build. These kids are amazing!

CEO of Ganyemede Games Meets Our Video Game Design Team

Our students had a special video conference with Mr. Jerry Prochazka, the CEO of Las Cruces' Ganyemede Gaming. The topic of discussion was rich with rhetoric on commitment and work ethic related to what they love...the Gaming Industry.

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Josh and Jacob from YHS and DVHS

Pictured below are Josh and Jacob, from Ysleta High School and Del Valle High School installing magnetically held contractors. Students in our Electrical and Solar program are afforded opportunities to work on simulated activities after theory.

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The Career Center Recruitment Tour Continues in YISD

Our Career Center has a tremendous opportunity to visit with three of our comprehensive high schools this week. A big Thank You" to Eastwood High School, Parkland High School and Bel Air High School for your hospitality and support!

Career Center Application: Click Here to Apply

Our Career Center application is available and ready. We ask that you help us spread this information with any student interested in applying. This link takes students to the application and uploads all information to a data file that we review daily

Architectural Design: A Week in Review

Students learned what professions are directly tied into our Architectural Design program and the requirements for these professions. From, Land Survey Manager to Lightening Engineers, and learning about Wall Sections...our students are CCR!

Architecture NTHS in Collaboration with NHS

Our Career Center NTHS students worked in collaboration with Riverside's NHS in support and respects to Veteran's Day by putting up flags throughout Riverside High School. Mr. Torres and our students pay tribute.

P-TECH Recruitment Starts at Riverside Middle School

Our PTECH program will be sharing our 3 programs of study that support PTECH to all our middle schools in #THEDISTRICT. Our first stop was RMS and we discussed, in great detail Diesel Mechanics, Auto-technology I/II and Architecture and Engineering.


Mr. David Castro, Our Career Center Counselor

Good Morning HS Principals,

I want to start by thanking Eastwood High School, Parkland High School and Bel Air High School for their hospitality in the recruitment process. ALL of our students were very respectful, attentive and interested in the programs that we offer in YISD. Currently I am in the process of evaluating and auditing 400+ applications. If you have questions or comments please feel free to reach out to me or Mr. Robledo as we transition the first semester.

There is a lot of interest this year and we do feel it is going to be a banner year at our Career Center for current and future students.