Emergent Curriculum

Poster Assignment


"Emergent curriculum: the planning of activities and projects that emerge in the daily life of the children and adults learning together in an educational environment. Often the focus of the emergent curriculum begins spontaneously with a child or group of children and is followed up by the educator who plans and frames the content, the environment and the accompanying resources."



emergent curriculum

Planning Emergent Curriculum

An emergent curriculum is built upon the interests of the children. Topics are driven by the ideas, excitement, information and questions from the children themselves.

Ideas can be supported and extended by providing equipment, books, craft supplies, and experiences through which the children can learn more about their natural interests and curiosities.You choose to provide activities based on the interests of the children but do not require all the children to participate. Often what is interesting to one child doesn’t interest another. You can have several different things going on at the same time and it will get crazy.

Each topic may last a day, a week, a month or more – as long as the children are interested in pursuing the ideas. If the initial topic is broad it may be helpful to create a web to visualize the possible progression of ideas. A sample web is available at the bottom of this page. You develop a web by observing and listening to the children at play or by asking the children open ended questions.