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November 17, 2015

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A Note from Dr. Melissa Williams-Scott

Owning the latest and greatest technology device is exciting…for the moment. But what happens when the new wears off? What was the plan for long term use? As we continue to move into a more mobile environment via web-based curriculum for our students and staff, it is important to find the best devices to meet the needs of our learners and instructors. We also need to realize that we cannot trade in district devices every two years. And how do we all ensure the safety of our students while connected to the world wide web on these devices? What are your plans for using mobile devices? How will you sustain instructional engagement and put students in charge of their own learning? And how will you keep devices fresh and exciting when a newer model is available? Please fill out this survey to help us design the future of mobile learning in Dickinson ISD.

Our Device Survey can be completed at

Meet Your Technology Department

Dr. Melissa Williams-Scott

Dr. Melissa Williams-Scott has been in education for 22 years and in Dickinson for 15 of those years. While currently serving as the head of the Technology Department, Melissa started her education career as a paraprofessional in a special education classroom. After completing her certification she taught for six years before moving into administration here in Dickinson. Melissa has worked with all but grades 7 & 8. Prior to working in education Melissa spent time in the news industry in both television and radio. Outside of the work day she spends as little time as possible at the computer, most often playing golf, reading, and spending time with family and her two dogs.

Charlotte Barkmann

Charlotte Barkmann is the IP Phone Specialist and Instructional Technology Support Person. She is a lifetime resident of Dickinson, member of DHS Class ’82. She started out her career as a PC Technician for 11 years at Johnson Space Center, and then moved to Education with a 2 years at CCISD, and then on to DISD Technology Department in 2001. She raised all of her children in Dickinson, John (Class ’04), Katy (Class ’09), Charles (Class ’12). She is always quick to tell you that it takes a Village to Raise a Child and that DISD provided many angels that helped her raise her own into successful adults. Never hesitate to contact her and you will find that she is always glad to help you with your Technology need.

LeRoy Bobbitt, III

LeRoy Bobbitt, III is the Infrastructure Manager for Dickinson ISD. His main work objectives are to manage and maintain all district electronic security systems and structured cabling.

Adrian DeLaGarza

This is my first year with DISD and I am happy to be part of a team that helps resolve any issues that are seen in the district regarding technology. I have experience in many different technical environments and feel very comfortable helping users with various types of issues. I have been able to help the department with several team projects including the summer time projects that help prepare that campuses for the school year and I continue to make myself available for any assistance that may be needed from employees here at DISD.

Stacey Griffin

I came to Dickinson ISD from Pasadena ISD in September 2011 as a secretary in Educational Services. In September 2012 I joined the Technology Department as the Helpdesk Specialist. In January 2015 I became the PC Support Specialist assigned to Calder, Hughes, Silbernagel, and the DCC/DALC complex.

Travis Hazzard

My name is Travis Hazzard and I came to Dickinson ISD from La Porte ISD in January 2010. I am a PC Support Specialist for the district and am assigned to McAdams, K. E. Little, Dunbar, and San Leon. My wife and I are high school sweethearts and married in December of 2009. We have a son who was born September 2012.

Jonathan Hysquierdo

My name is Jonathan Hysquierdo, I came to Dickinson ISD from Pasadena ISD in October 2012. I am a PC Support Specialist for the district and am assigned to Bay Colony, Esmond and CAP. I chose to work in education because just like our students, technology is the future. It gives me great pride to provide the necessary learning equipment and support to our future leaders here at D.I.S.D.

Caroline Lightfoot

My name is Caroline Lightfoot, and I am so excited to be able to spend more time on campuses this year working with teachers on Instructional Technology. My experience in Education began as a Junior High and High School English Teacher. I also worked as an Instructional Specialist for an Educational Software Company, and I joined the Dickinson ISD Technology Department in 2011. If you need help with lesson ideas, how to use a digital tool, or want some assistance trying something new, please schedule me. I will be on campuses weekly starting September 21st. While I know a lot about technology, I am a teacher first and can share ideas from all of the digital resources available in Dickinson ISD. I'd like to attend planning meetings when possible so that I can support your classrooms digitally!

My calendar is located at, and you can make an appointment directly from here.

Kim Lodge

Kim Lodge is the Technology Department Secretary. She came to DISD in January 2015 with 20 years of administrative/secretarial experience in various fields. She recently graduated in the spring of 2015 from San Jacinto College with her Associates in IT Desktop Support.

Chuck Morris

Chuck Morris has been working with the district now for 8 years, having started as a contractor in 2007 he is now a permanent member of the Dickinson ISD staff as the Sr. Systems Manager. His responsibilities include working with all of the database systems within the district as well as Skyward, Finance Plus, Transportation and FNS systems. Chuck graduated from Loyola College of Baltimore, Maryland in 1987 with a BS in Computer Science and worked for almost 20 years as a computer programmer and designer in the commercial industries of document imaging and oil & gas modeling.

Coy Powers

I started with DISD in 2002 as one of 2 PC Technicians. As the district grew it became necessary to expand the department as well. So I was promoted to Help Desk Manager and then Project Lead. My position has since evolved into Technology Services Manager. My position is primarily oversight of the daily operations of the Help Desk and the Campus Technicians, which now number 5. I continue to manage many other aspects of technology including VBrick and the marquee signs throughout the district. My plans are to continue to work at this great district until retirement.

Jennifer Rushing

This is my first year here in Dickinson ISD, and I am super excited about joining the technology department and becoming a Gator! I have been in education for 11 years. I taught Special Education, 4th grade regular education, and the last two years, I was a technology apps teacher for K-4th grades. I have a love for teaching and molding young minds as well as a passion for technology. I believe by blending the two we can accomplish great things here in Dickinson ISD. I am assigned to all elementary campuses and Barber Middle school to help integrate technology into your curriculum and classroom activities. If you have ever been afraid to try a new digital tool or implement a piece of technology into your curriculum now is the time to try. You can schedule a time with the link below for me to come and assist you with the many digital tools that Dickinson ISD has to offer or just to try something new. My number one job is to support you and your classroom digitally and spread all my techie love!

Book me at

Mike Sanchez

Michael Sanchez is currently the Network Engineer for the district. He is responsible for campus network connectivity, district server infrastructure, and internet traffic. Michael has 11 years of experience working in the technology field. He has worked in education for 7 years in local school districts. Michael graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor's in Organizational Leadership and Supervision.

Larry Smith

I have worked in Technology for 15 years, 13 of those years in Education. I have worked for Alvin ISD, Clear Creek ISD, and Dickinson ISD. One of the benefits of working in IT in education is the time I can spend with my son.

Chris Walding

Christopher Walding is the Director of Technology Operations at Dickinson ISD. His previous positions at Dickinson ISD include Assistant Director of Technology and the Disaster Recovery and Backup Manager. Prior to accepting a position at Dickinson ISD, he spent thirteen years in progressively responsible information technology positions with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Mr. Walding holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Sam Houston State University. Some of his industry certifications include Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certified, Unitrends Certified Yellow Belt – Foundation Level, Certified Novell Engineer and Certified Linux Engineer – Level 1.
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