By clell Burdiss

How to cite a source

To cite a source you need to have a MLA. When you sort all of your sites used start with numbers then go to alphabetical order. In your citation you need to include the copy write data the title name and, the authors name.
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MLA annotated bibliography & online sources


Plagiarism is when you take someones work and say it is your and don't give them credit. There are two different types of plagiarism one is intentional that is when you copy your friends home work and when you copy and past something from a web site and say it is yours and don't give credit. The other type is unintentional that is when you use to many quotes or when you have a poor citation. You can avoid plagiarism by citing your sources and if you copy a sentence word for word but it in quotation marks.

Quoting paragraphing and summarizing

There are many thing you can and need to do for your writing pieces. One thing is quoting

quoting is when you take word for word out of a source and putting quotation marks. Paragraphing is when you take bits and pieces of the information from the source and change a little and add some more things. Summarizing is when you read a piece of information and shorten it in your own words. All of these you still have to cite.

web sites for research

When you search something online you need to look for .gov .net and .edu . Some good web sites to use is ebsco host and my mid-continent's library. If you need more and can go to