Advertisements harm consumers & disable devices.

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Effect 1

Many advertisements contain viruses. The Britannica School researched the ad showing how bad clicking on an advertisement can be, “Computer vandals and pranksters have created and spread various types of malicious software, or malware, intended to cause damage or mischief. The virus may then destroy data and programs or otherwise disrupt the functioning of computers and networks,”Britannica School, article computer virus paragraph 1. These viruses appear on my computer every time I click on a website. One time I accidentally clicked on the ad and I got a virus which, destroyed my computer. Therefore, most of the ads that you will see online will contain viruses and will wreck your computer.

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A viable solution to this problem is to create a blog showing differences between good advertisements and bad advertisements. This is important so people will be aware of these harmful ads. This is a benefit because it will affect the way people click on ads. Also it will affect the way of made advertisements, if nobody is clicking on the ads, then they will remove the ads and make real ads with no viruses. In short, creating a blog will help consumers with advertisements and will affect the way that new ads are made.

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Call to action

Our society should come together and fight against the ads. We can stop clicking the ads so we won’t get viruses and so we don’t order items for ‘cheap’ prices, but still expensive and never receive the product.