Switch to BAKED Chips

Baked Chips

Studies show that people who eat baked chips in substitute to regular chips have a healthier life style. Baked chips are more healthy for a person and aren't as fattening as regular chips. Switch to baked chips and live a healthier life.

Don't Forget to Pick Up Some Dip!

Chip Dip

People have experienced a new trend. Eating dip with your chips could cut you off 25 pounds. Get skinny, eat more dip.

French Fries, No Thanks

French Fries Are Terrible for Your Health

French fries have been shown to increase body fat. Those who substitute their snack with chips could be saving their lives. French fries could be killing you.

Farmers Believe Potato's Could Dissappear

Potato's not growing in well

Scientists and farmers alike believe that potato's could have a massive decrease in yield this year. This could bring the total number of chips down to almost zero. Buy your chips now people

Salt Fuels the Human Body

Salt is found to help humans move, sleep, and otherwise live

A new study suggests that salt could be fueling your body better than any other found substances. That's right, of all things it is salt that keeps people running best. Get out there and get some sodium in your diet
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