Seven loaves of bread

By: Abbey and Olivia

Who started the foundation?

A man named Ron JR Schoenfeld started the seven loaves of bread foundation. Ron JR is also the proud owner of Chives Restaurant. Ron JR loves working with the seven loaves project as well as being the owner of Chives Restaurant. Ron JR traveled to a place called Rwanda in Africa in December 2009. He also loved the beauty of Rwanda. There is even a catch phrase for the foundation. This is their catch phrase, " The idea is simple, give a man a loaf of bread and he eats for a day. Teach a man to bake and his village eats for a life time." It's a pretty catchy phrase!

Information on the founder

Ron JR was born on June 24 1967 in Providence Rhode Island. Ron JR is about 46 years old. Ron JR's parents are Ron and Mollie. His two older sisters are Terry and Kathy. Ron JR also has a wife named Cindy. They also have three kids Jessa, Nick and Lucas. Ron JR also went to New England for a Culinary Institute in Montpelier for collage. Like we said before he is the proud owner of Chives Restaurant . Chives Restaurant address is 1749 Riverside Dr, Suamico,Wisconsin.

Why did it all start?

When Ron JR was visiting Rwanda he meet father Leszek Czelusniak who is the director of the Marin Missions Kibeho, Rwanda. Leszek gave JR a tour of his compound and school. When Leszek told JR how he dreamed he had a bakery of his own and that the kid's in Rwanda loved the bread, but they only got about once a year. So then it hit JR that he wanted to help or do something for the people of Rwanda to have bread all the time. Then he started the seven loaves of bread project.

How did it all start?

When JR traveled to Rwanda his goal was to help a humanitarian group to feed more than 4,000 villagers. Also the goal was to feed all of the people of Rwanda. Now Rwanda is a poor state in Africa. Ron JR came back to Green Bay with a plan to feed thousands more. You can certainly tell that JR are doesn't just think about himself, also that he is a kind a nice person.

Development of idea

The seven loaves of bread mission was to provide the people of Rwanda and other poor places with ovens, resources and also training to feed community's all over the world for generations to come. Chives Restaurant is now serving fresh baked bread, all the money from the bread that people buy goes to the seven loaves of bread project to build more centers and to bake more bread. The seven loaves of bread project is committed to building a vocational center, teaching the people of Rwanda to bake nutritious, fresh baked bread and building new bread oven in remote locations throughout Rwanda and other poor places. Their first training center was built in Kibeho, Rwanda at the Marin foundation center. The center was successfully baking and selling breads and products in six weeks!

Is the foundation primarily, global, national, state or local?

The seven loaves of bread project is local to most states. Although it's local to most states, some states don't have the foundation in their community. In some states it doesn't matter to them and they think they don't need the foundation or maybe they don't even know about it.

What impact has the foundation or founder had on the community?

The impact JR had on the community was that he helped everyone in Rwanda and plenty of other places that needed help and he helped them to have delicious fresh baked bread and that's just what they needed. Now that Rwanda has a center to make bread they can make bread anytime they want and have bread whenever they want. The people of the seven loaves foundation taught the people of Rwanda to bake fresh bread so they can have bread all year around. And thanks to the seven loaves of bread project the people of Rwanda are much happier and they have fresh baked bread all the time!

How does the foundation help the community?

The seven loaves of bread foundation started in Rwanda and has been tranported all over the world! The seven loaves project mostly takes place in places where people don't get a lot of food, which would be considered poor places like Rwanda. Also maybe if some place just had an earthquake or a hurricane and the people there lost everything such as their home their car almost everything that could be a time when the seven loaves project would come to help. But the foundation doesn't always help earthquakes and all that kind of damage but they mostly help places where people are poor.

What are we going to do to help the community?

My partner and I will be selling rubber bands bracelets with things like cupcakes and banana bread,muffins and other tasty treats. The treats will be two dollars each and the rubber bands will be one dollar each. Also if you want both you certainly can buy both for three dollars. The money that we make we will bring to Chives Restaurant and give the money to JR. We also try volunteer in Green Bay to help with the seven loaves of bread project.

People of the foundation

Ron JR Schoenfeld is the president and founder of the foundation.

Cindy Schoenfeld is the Secretary and Treasure.

Howard Eslien is the Trustee.

Brad Thalmann is a Trustee as well.

Kaye Kolbe is a Trustee.

Scott Dollinger is a Trustee and an event and fundraising Coordinator.