Dear Dan:

To being whit, it is not important to have the last cellphone or follow popular music; your friends have to understand that you do not like it.

For example, I just have an old cellphone which function is to comunicate; I listen to music I like, it does not matter if it is modern or not. Be yourself, don't be afraid. In addition, you don't have to buy a lot of gadgets, it's a waste of money.

Second, wear clothes that you want if you feel free and comfortable wearing that. In this way, you will believe more in yourself because you are wearing clothes that you like and nobody can make you feel bad.

If your friends continue pestering you, please, talk to your parents, may be they can buy you a cellphone, ok no, that was a joke. Your parents can help you in the best way: talking with your friends, friends' parents or to the principal. The best solution!

To sum up, I think you have to follow your own trends: wearing, listening and doing whatever you want.

Best regards.