The Red River Rebellion

By Jackson

What Was the Red River Rebellion?

-Rupert's Land Bought by Canada 1868.

-Red River Rebellion was Metis telling Canadian government they wanted to join on they're own terms.

-William McDougall appointed as lientenant governor for the North West (Ruperts Land) displeased Metis

-Mcdougall sent land surveyors without prior notice

-Metis took the measuring chains causing surveyors to give up

Their Leader

-Louis Riel became Metis Leader

-He was well educated, spoke French and English, born in Red River

-helped establish Métis National Committee for determining the future of their people and discussing things with the Canadian government on the Métis people's behalf.

The Metis National Committee

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Some Acts of Rebellion

-McDougall not allowed to enter Red River

-Fort Garry taken over same day

-Prisoners were captured

-One was executed causing loss of some Metis supporters

-Prime Minister Macdonald to send troops to Red River but Louis Riel flees

Louis Riel

-Born in Red River on October 22, 1844

-Oldest of 11

-Studied priesthood in Montreal from 1858-1865

-Went back to Red River in 1868

-Became their leader because he could speak French and English, and his pride in the Metis.

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Red River Rebellion Video


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