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The Festivities of "La Virgen de La Consolación" and our "Food"

The Festivities of "La Virgen de La Consolación" are held from the 8 to the 15 aprox of September, but it depends of the calendar . See the coronation of our queens. Or come with your kids and have a nice time, Carpio loves the parties and everyone is friendly. Do not be shy. Everyone will treat you us if you were part of their family!

Our Food, being a village that almost all the economy depends on potatoes, makes its food, a unique expirience. Taste also sausages as chorizo, salchichón and the scrumptious bread and cheese. Como to the Festivities and you will taste our potaotes make them by the association of housewives.

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The frontpage of the festivity book from 2014.