Puerto Rico

By: Randy Ruelas

Puerto Rico has beautiful resorts.

You can stay in many great hotels in the resorts on the beach with many outdoor and indoor activities.

In Puerto Rico there are many great dishes to eat.

The food in Puerto Rico is a popular way that the people express their culture.

Along with great dishes Puerto Rico has great desserts.

Old San Juan is a popular tourist area in Puerto Rico.

Old San Juan is the first settlement in Puerto Rico founded in 1521.

Puerto Rico has very nice weather all year round.

The Temperature usually stays within 70 to 90 degrees and is almost always sunny.

Puerto Rico has many types of transportation.

In Puerto Rico you can travel as you would here by buses trains and cars.


Kayaking is a popular activity to do on the beaches in Puerto Rico.

Canopy Adventure Zipline

Zip lining is a very popular tourist thing to do in Puerto Rico.
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