The Cornerstone

Zeta Chi spring 2018

2018 Executive board

President-Hayes Sanders

Vice President-Hunter Martin

Vice President of Academic Affairs-Scott McMullan

Vice President of Recruitment-Hector Talavera

Treasurer-James Willson

Guide-Brooks Rahaim

Sergeant at arms-Cameron Heartfield

Secretary-Will Burke

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New member spotlight

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Austin Burns ZX 423

1b. Where are you from?

- Starkville, Ms

1c. Why are you at delt?

- I knew that I wanted a “home away from home” because I did not know anyone from Hattiesburg. However, I did not imagine myself in a fraternity at all. When I got to Delt, I knew that something about it was so inviting that I had to keep coming. Before long I knew everyone’s name and I felt wanted. I felt like it was a place I would fit in and be able to network and find connections. I love Delt and everything it stands for.

2. Do you currently hold any positions in the fraternity?

- I am currently on the admin board where I am in charge of sorority relations.

3. What’s your major?

- Film and Entertainment

4. What do you want to do with that major?

- I hope to be able to continue my acting career and work my way up to being a director, producer, and writer.

5. Are you doing any thing outside of class that is helping you achieve that goal?

- Yes, I have been able to find a little success already in my acting career through auditions in New Orleans, Atlanta, and a few places throughout Mississippi.

6. Are you glad you’re a Delt? Tell me why you’re proud to wear our letters.

- I am very proud to call myself a Delt. Wearing the letters is one thing, but understanding what they represent is an entirely different thing. Being a Delt requires the right attitude and strive for success. It’s being a part of something much greater than yourself: Brotherhood. Philanthropy. Courage. And becoming a man within the fraternity. When I wear those letters, I think about what I am representing. And what I represent is Truth, Courage, Faith, and Power.

Community service

Going above and beyond the men of Delt grouped up and drove out to Poplarville, MS to help a lady on hospice care who could not get into her house due to overgrown vegetation and general lack of up-keep. Hector Talevera, former community service chair, organized the event and brought various tools and supplies to get the job done. In total we spent about 2 hours clearing out thick brush and cleaning up things left behind like a mattress, a couple of TVs, some old pots, and a few chunks of an old tree left behind.
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Home Coming!

This year the men of Delta Tau Delta and the Ladies of Kappa Delta were paired up for Homecoming 2017. This picture was taken right before we cut a rug and got second place for our dance number.
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JDRF and New Members

This fall we had a total of 8 new members join the brother hood: Charlie Long, Austin Burns, Jacob Brewer, Wes Ferrel, Dexter Jordan, Chris Develle, Conner Bart, and Luke Williams. We also have a newly affiliated Delt, Adam Dunn, from the Epsilon Alpha chapter at Auburn University. This year as well we put on the annual Delt sports challenge and it went off with out a hitch. We even introduced an auction for the first time and that was also smooth sailing. In total we raised $3365. We also look forward to the CF 5k coming up on March 24th, so brothers mark your calendars.

Iris Formal 2017