7th/8th Grade Library

November 10, 2014

Weekly Library Schedule

Monday & Wednesday: T. Smith A1 & A2

Monday: McClain for books

Tuesday: Close at 11:30

Have you considered using QR codes as a way of integrating technology into your instruction? Most of your students have phones that can be used to quickly scan codes that you create.

Here are the resources that I use for QR codes:

2) I-Nigma App

This free app allows me to scan any code from my phone.

3) Bitly App

This free app will shorten your lengthy URL addresses before creating a QR code. It is not a required step---simply an option.

That is all that it takes. It is a very simple process. Now that you know the steps, here is why we should all use QR codes in our classrooms.

Here are the new resources that I received this past week. There are some great ones!

For this second week of November, the library is thankful for technology (especially when it works correctly).

We all know that technology isn't perfect. It takes time and patience to properly integrate it into our lessons. Don't let one bad experience prevent you from trying it again. Every lesson that I've ever done requiring technology has always had a problem or two. Because of perseverance, I learned right along with my students.