Let IE's smartest MBAs take an intense deep dive into YOUR challenge while thinking creatively & out of the box

Imagine dozens of parallel thought processes, focused on YOUR challenge, driven by the cumulative brainpower of 200 MBA students.

Leveraging our unrivalled diversity, powered by design thinking, you get to harvest from a multitude of fresh ideas, and more...

We're hungry for challenges. We've got the proven format to tackle them in one week, together with your help. Apply now and start feeling the energy of the IE Startup Challenge!




What’s in it for you?

Our students will spend an entire week, working on providing you and your company with a solution to a real problem or dilemma you face. This is the optimal chance to directly interact with outstanding students, and also, screen for potential talent.

Not only will our students work on providing you with a solution, this week is structured, as a competition which the students are graded on, so they will actually be competing for the chance to present you with the best solution!

Our Student Profile

IE Business School is consistently ranked among the world’s top business schools. Our average student is 30 years old, with more than 5 years of professional work and management experience. We have over 70 nationalities on campus, and our students come from a range of different cultural and professional backgrounds.

The Purpose of the Week

The main purpose of this week is to solve a real challenge through learning. Our students need to come up with a creative and out-of-the-box solution, by applying different techniques (Design Thinking), undergoing interactive workshops, and utilising the input of outside experts. This is an intensive week, which the International MBA students must complete as a part of their one-year curriculum at IE Business School.

The students break into teams over the course of the week to tackle the business challenge and propose strategic recommendations. The faculty and your company will select the best.

The week will take place between July 3rd – 9th.

This is where you come into the picture!

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a company, which is reasonably solid, with an open minded and eager to collaborate founder, and most importantly, has a real business issue/dilemma, which requires a solution.

We are looking for a collaborator, which our International MBAs would aspire to work for!

Companies that will appreciate the students’ hard work and will be on board during the preparation and during the whole week. Please keep in mind that this week will be intensive, and your full collaboration is necessary in order to take part in it.

If you would like more info, please contact Lyhe Rotem Ganani of the IE IMBA team at:

Please click on the video below for a taste of the previous IE Challenge Week

Challenge Week IMBA 2014