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There is something between men and their machines that, is hard to ignore. So if you are looking for something to gift to a man in your life, simply buy designer watches online in UAE. Yes! It really is as simple as that. The thrill and the unbridled joy of owning something that has a lot of enginery is fathomable only for the male gender.

Whether it is his birthday, anniversary, promotion party, graduation or any other occasion, you can never disappoint a man with a watch. Online stores like UNOO have quality, top rated brands to choose from. Buy Men’s watches Online in UAE from such reliable sources and get pampering choices for selecting a gift.

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Online stores like UNOO are crammed with excellent watches at a price you will find too good to be true. If you are specifically looking for a gift for your father, brother, husband or a friend, here are some of the factors you will want work around.

Personal Style: These fine choices should be made after analyzing the personal style of the person you are buying these wrist accessories for. The age and profession of the man would be an appropriate indicator of the fashion that they will love to carry. Someone younger will like a more jazzed up design whereas someone older might want to settle for a more decent and toned down pattern.

Usage: Another factor to consider while selecting a present for your loved ones is how frequently they use a watch. If they like to wear it all day long, you should choose a more rugged option. A more delicately fabricated time keeper can be gifted to someone who does not use a watch that often.

Choice: Buy Men’s watches Online in UAE only after you know what the person receiving the gift may or may not like.

Color: The color of the formal watches differ a great deal from the ones that are made to be worn on the beach side or in informal occasions. So make a selection after knowing well where the watch is going to be worn


This Metallic toned watch is smooth to look at and very debonair. Well suited for the urban male who feels a connection with his masculinity and sophistication in a perfect balance. It is a perfect Tommy Hilfiger watch for all ages.


With the chrono- alarm and a black nylon strap watch, your little brother will love this timer. It is water resistant and can be used for adventures sports, swimming and snorkeling.


It is classy, it is suave and it is for the chivalrous gentlemen in your life. It is a perfect gift for your father or your loving husband. Buy designer watches online in UAE for the perfect gifts!