Learning Journal

August 31-Sept 1 2015


CURIOSITY is the WICK in the CANDLE of LEARNING - Arthur Ward

Food and Child Nutrition

New for the year 2015 :

Menu:House specials on Tuesdays in the Menu

AB free chicken

Recycling :

milk carton recycling

compostable tray ( 1 penny more than styro)

green lunch boxes are biodegradable too


detailed choices to monitor preferences of students

print out numbers and scan for pre-K

* Budget is not from the general fund, a different budget, and requests can be mabe for snacks after school as long as it is 3x a week and a minimum of 30 students

Deep Dive : badillo, CJ, Velasco

Emergency preparedness Bill Aras

Mandate: 2 in the spring, 2 in the fall , once a month fire drill . Build a competent collaborative safety team and communicate to the right persons/ department/ stakeholders for safety and efficiency.

Counselling : Dr. Lopez

Ensure 80/20 is in effect to support direct and indirect support to students. Empower the counselors as peers to teachers and as guidance, career, behavior support for students!

Counselors are a significant partner in ensuring success of students and in removing barricades towards academic, behavioral and social achievement.

Deep Dive :georgetta williams , dawn easter

"The worst common mistake educators make is when they fail to link the feedback to a specific agreed upon goal.” Grant Wiggins Check the motive in giving feedback and align it to the goal.

Identifying the problem and its root cause at the level where it is under our control - if it is a directive or a regulation that prevents us from moving forward we need to drop it and move on to the next level within our control or circle of influence.

Behavior observations /distraction in learning - personal notes

XXXXX in our group: This is not my idea of a team member who collaborates.

makes faces when someone talks or when we are asked to do things by the presenters

"I'm never worried. "

"I don't have one but I m not worried. "

Did not do the feedback exercise , was doing something else.

"Let's just make up data "