1.07 Module One Activity

Geometry Chloe Lorbecke

Argument A: There is a need for students to understand and be able to construct geometric figures using a compass and straightedge

I agree with argument A because the compass and straightedge are important tools that you will stumble across in the future including upcoming math classes with harder figures to construct. Drawing the constructions with paper will be more likely to give you an exact measurement rather than using an online drawing program. Also, constructing the geometric figures on paper with a hands on hands experience is proven to give you a better understanding of how to use a compass and a straightedge. Another reason i agree with this argument is because you wont always be able to access the internet which means you're going to be required to know how to use the compass and straightedge. Without knowing how it works hands on you wont be able to construct the given figure. Therefore, using a compass and straightedge will ensure that the figures are correct where as when you draw there is more room for a mistake. A drawing program does not show you how to do everything where as using the two tools could show you ways to use more complicated tools when doing math. Concluding, not only does it make the kid who knows how to use the tools smarter its also a given that constructing the geometric figures is more accurate than drawing them.