The Skin I'm In

By: Sharon G. Flake

About the book

This book is one of my most favorite books that shows the hardships of trying to get through middle school. This book is about a young girl named Maleeka she is very particular on how she wants everything. She is the tallest girl in her grade always being made fun of because she has better grades than everyone. Plus, her mother makes all her clothes. Finally, she is the darkest African American girl at her school. The students in her class call her dark chocolate. To make it worse, she is the skinniest girl in the whole school. Maleeka's problem is she doesn't like the new teacher Miss Saunders. She expects a lot from Maleeka because she has the best grades in the whole school. Maleeka other huge problem is Charlese. She is a bully to Maleeka and a friend to her. By that I mean since Maleeka's mother makes her clothes, and Charlese brings Maleeka clothes to borrow. Charlese by being a bully she always is putting down Maleeka and hurting her. This book is the genre realistic fiction because the book talks about events that could really happen but they probably didn't. My favorite part in this book is Charlese blamed Maleeka for breaking into the school and lighting Miss Saunders curtains on fire. I can understand Maleeka is just misunderstood because she is the smartest girl in all of her classes, but she is just trying to be like everyone else in her school.


~ ALA best book for young teens

~''funny and clever''- Booklist

~Publishers weekly flying start


~ published in 2007

~printed in the United States of America

~ A 4 1/2 star rating from amazon


~ Maleeka tries running away from home

~ Maleeka gets bullied a whole lot in the book

~She bonds with the new teacher


I recommend this book because this book is very interesting and intense in my opinion. Maleeka is in middle school, and she isn't fitting. She is bullied almost everyday. She lives with her mom in a tiny old house. Her dad left her mom, so she basically has nothing in store for her life. That's only a few of the details that make this book so interesting.