Need A Babysitter?

Then I'm your Girl

Why would I be a Good Choice?

HI! My name is Jasmine Peterson. I love kids and they love me. I'm a very trustworthy person. I have all A's and I promise your kid will be in good hands. I'm the type of person that follows all direction and I am very responsible. It's your choice, but I hope you choose me.


I do watch over my little brother after school and have learned the important skills of babysitting in HomeEC. (Home Economics) (Family Consumer Science)


My rate is $8 an hour for one kid. Every kid after that is $5 more. Meaning if you have 2 kids, your fist one is $8 dollars an hour and the second child is $5. I add an extra $4 dollars if you happen to have a pet. If you would like me to do chores at the same time I charge an extra $6 an hour. I will babysit kids from the ages 4-7. Anything lower is not available.

Contact Info and Times Available

If you decided I'm a good choice you can contact me me at 1-800-NEED A BABYSITTER or

I'm only available on Saturdays and Sundays from 5:00-7:00 pm.

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