Walk A Mile In Baseball Cleats

By Landon Lindsey

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History of the Cleats

The first baseball shoe was just like any other closed-toe shoe but, in 1868 Paul Butler was the first to wear spikes on his shoes. Next, they became high top cleats with cheap canvas that would wear down easily. So, Spalding came out with the first cleats made of leather which were more durable. In 1976 the Baseball rule book outlawed cleats with spikes. In the 1980s the cleats that were plastic for the artificial turf came out and turned into the baseball cleat we know today.

The Big Game

My stopwatch was beeping. That means there is only five minutes before the game. I finish my warm ups, go get my bat, and put on my helmet and my gloves. At the plate I feel a surge of confidence with these new shoes. I watch the pitcher throw the ball and I can see it hit my bat and it launches it all the way out of the ball park. The crowd was screaming my name as I ran through first, second, third and all the way to home. Everyone was congratulating me at the dugout. Later, in the, I was playing second base. The bases were loaded and there were two outs. The batter hit a ground ball straight to me. I grabbed it and tagged the next runner out. That was the end of the game! We won nine to one!