Burma gets a new name... Myanmar

By Myles Ochieng and Max Cormier

Burma has been awesome. But it's just going to get better.

Before, the Burmese flag was red and navy blue with wheat, but now it's a star with yellow, green and red lines passing through it. This country was formed in 900 B.C. Burma is also 261,228 square miles (676,574 square kilometers). But Burma has more, it has a mountain called Mount Hkakabo Razi (Pronounced Ha-ka-bo) at a hight of 19,295 feet.

About the people and their lives

What are some facts about the people?

Well, the people in the country are called the Burmese and the population is about 48,081,302, (wow that's a lot of people!). The major religion is Buddhism. Burma changed it's name to the Union of Myanmar after the United Kingdom conquered the country and Myanmar got it's independence. The currency (type of money they use) is called Kyat. The children and adults play with kites but they have to be very careful; the ropes that hold the kites are super sharp and very often, people get cut with them. Anyway soccer is also the most played and most popular sport.

The last facts...

Myanmar's largest city has two names, Yangon or Rangoon. The people eat mostly rice and meat. Myanmar's second largest city is called Mandalay. Myanmar borders five countries, Thailand, Bangladesh, Laos (Pronounced Lao), China and India.


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