the war of 1812

the battle that made America great

why did this war happen?

America was being bullied and pushed around by Britain and France. Britain would capture American trading ships and forcefully make the crew become English soldiers. The president at the time was Thomas Jerfferson. Jefferson decided to completely stop trade with Europe and avoid war with them. Jefferson had the option to serve a third term as president but he was so tired of it that he turn it down and went home. At this time a group known as the War Hawks were elected into congress and they wanted to go to war. at this moment mostly everyone wanted to fight. Native Americans were attacking with British weapons because the British were supplying the Natives with these guns. due to impressement, this added more reason to go to war. and the 4th and final reason that the war of 1812 happened was economic problems. America was losing its wealth due to no trades with France or England. going to war would put this economic issue in jeopardy but it also might restore america's wealth to its former state.

cause #2: the Embargo of 1807

america stopped all trade with Europe and were not going to trade with Britain or France. this hurt americas economy and this act stayed until Jefferson stepped out of office. this also enraged americans and this made americans want war.

cause #4: native american attacks

the native americans were A-holes. they attacked americans and slaughtered many of them at a time just to "fight" for "their land". in my opinion they are not fighting for anything. but back during 1807 this also enraged americans. the british where giving english weaponry to kill americans. this drove america to the point to where america was ready to go to war and win.
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battle 2: battle of new orleans

this battle was the final engagement between the british and the americans. the americans ended up winning this battle and the entire battle was in the americans favor. this battle forced the treaty that was signed in ghent, belgium that effectively ended the war of 1812.
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effect 2: america looks and is stronger then ever before

when the americans won thie war of 1812, it shocked lots of military powers around the world. some of the biggest military were some what "scared" of the americans. this gave america a head held high and a lot of confidence for the near future.

effect 4: the heroism boost

during the war, lots of people showed lots of patriotism and heroism. this gave americans lots of confidence and a big ego. america still had this massive ego even after the war, this made other countries scared to fight against. which gave america a head start for the future of warfare.
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