Forest Fires

What Causes Forest Fires

There are several causes of forest fires, one the most common is extreme heat. this accures when tempetures are vey hot and plants are very dry . When wind is hot it can spread faster. Other reasons include lighting and man-made related, such as out of control campfire or a discarded cigarette.

How do you Determine the Severity of a Foerest Fire

You can how server a forest fire by the slpoe aspect, slpoe pitch, slope poistion, elevation and forest type.

slope aspect- The direction in which a mountian is in

slpoe pitch- The inches of vertical rise in 12 inches of horizontal run for inclined members

Historical Event

The big blow up in 1910 had about 1736 fires, and around 3 million acres of land. This fire is known as the largest fire in U.S history. This fire has many nicknames like Big Blow Up, Big Burn, and Devil’s Broom fight. The fire occurred in northeast washington, northern Idaho, and western Montana.

Human Impact

A fire could caused by lightning. Another effect is human pollution. Many people mine and cut timber, which has an effect on fire. Many miners and men who cut timber lose their lives during the these fires.

Regions in Texas where this Occurs

This occurs in East Texas and West Texas.

What are the Affects to the Natural Enviorment

Deforestation is a big effect from forest fires. It aslo increases the amount of carbon dioxide released in the air. Affecting the habbitats of many forest animals. It also creats heavy smog and uses up natural resouses that leads to periods of needed water.

Yosemite Forest Fire

Effects on People and Structures

Releases biomass smoke which causes irritation to the eyes, nose, and thoat. On structures it can burn them down and create debris. There are usally not many big building in a forest though. But it can cause accidents on near by high ways from lack visiblity, caused smoke.

Before Forest Fire

During Forest Fire

After Forest Fires

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