By: Emma Sampselle

Typing Web

Every technology class the first thing we do is five minutes of Doing this has been very helpful with my typing skills. I have noticed my words per minute increase over time. Every quarter we have to get to a certain point. This quarter we need to get to the advanced section.


For this assignment we used the app iMovie on our ipads. We gathered pictures and videos to put in our iTrailer. After we picked a theme we added our pictures, videos, and text. Once we were done we submitted it. If we submitted it we could present them to the class. Some of the iTrailers were hilarious. We could choose any topic we wanted.

Career Locker

Career Locker is a website where you can search jobs and colleges. You can find tons of information on all kinds of jobs and colleges. You can also take many quizzes. We took a quiz where you could see if you learn best by hearing, seeing, or doing. Mrs.VandenBoogaard taught us this section instead of Mrs.Myers.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is another app on our ipads. It lets you make a presentation on whatever you want. We had to do our Haiku Deck presentations on our dream Jobs. My dream job is being a first grade teacher. I had a lot of fun doing all of my research on career locker.
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Explain Everything

Explain Everything is another app on our ipads where you can make a presentation. You can import pictures, draw, and record your voice. Ms.Myers gave us ten math problems to choose from. After we choose a math problem we had to explain it in Explain Everything. I loved that we could put our own creativity into the project.


Code is a website on the computer were you learn how to do basic coding. I had a lot of fun in this unit. There were many stages in Each quarter we had to complete certain stages. I think this unit tested our creativity. It also was useful for our social skills because we would all help each other if somone was stuck on a level.