By: Brandon, Jackson, Antonio, and Zubair

Location/Distribution of the Tundra

The tundra is located at the top of the world, near the North Pole. It's a huge biome, covering a fifth of the earth surface.

Temperature Range

60°F to -30°F


6-10 inches or 15-25 cm. of precipitation annually including all the melting snow.

5 Plants That Grow in the Tundra

-Diamond Leaf Willow




-Caribou Moss

5 Animals That Live in the Tundra

-Arctic Fox


-Polar Bear

-Snowy Owl

-Rock Ptarmigan (bird)

5 Interesting Facts About the Tundra

-6 weeks of summer

-Sun is almost up 24 hours a day

-Only has 1 growing tree (Dwarf Willow Tree)

-Permafrost is permanently glued to the ground

-Least populated biome in world when it comes to humans