By: Devon DeMatteo


Have you ever thought about getting the information instead of just playing the sport basketball? You need to know about the rules, how to play, famous players and possible injuries. Learning about the sport will make you more interested.You won't be disappointed and may enjoy basketball even more.

The Best of Three Point Shooters

There are a lot of good shooters in the NBA. But some of the shooters stand out. Magic Johnson is a good three point shooter and he is in the hall of fame for his basketball performance. Another very good shooter is Stephan Curry he is currently playing in the NBA and he is very good from three point. He won the three point contest multiple times. His teammate Klay Thompson beat him in the 2016 three pointer contest. Larry Bird is also a very good three point shooter but his dad did not have enough faith in him because his form his different than everyone else. So there are many shooters and some are good and some not so good.


The first game of basketball was played was 500 years ago in London, The first game with rules was in 1896, It Was 30 minutes long, and the ending score was only 1 to 0. The average score of a basketball game today is 87 points. But the game today has a backboard that you could bounce the ball off of. The first official game also had 18 players on the court and today there are only 10 so that is a big difference.

The history of basketball was very rough when deciding how to play!

The Rules

There are many basketball rules. Two teams of five players each try to score by shooting a ball through a hoop elevated 10 feet above the ground. The game is played on a rectangular floor called the court, and there is a hoop at each end. When you go from your opponent's side of the court to your side than back again the is a backcourt violation. Then there is this line around the court so if the ball passes the line it is out of bounds and the other team gets the chance to get a basket. Then if you are running to the hoop and you pick up the ball and take more than one step it is called a traveling violation. Then if you are dribbling up the court and you pick up the ball with two hands then start to dribble again that is called a double dribble. If you are playing defense on a player and then the person is going to shoot the ball and you slap her arm or hit them in an unnecessary way then it is a shooting foul, and you go the the foul line and shoot 2 shots because they could have made the shot and got the 2 points if you did not bother them, but if they make the shot then they get the two points and you get the go to g=the foul line and shoot one shot because of messing with their shot.

In this photo it shows the basketball teams from each country

The 2016 Golden State Warriors

There are many good basketball teams in the league right now, in the NBA the best basketball team is the Golden State Warriors. They are the best team because they won the amount of games to make it to the playoffs, then from the playoffs they trained until it was time for them for the rest of the playoffs. Then when they get to the games where they have to try to get further in the playoff rounds. But there are many other teams that are doing this exact same process. So when the golden state warriors go up against a team they realize each team has a different playing style. And also the team may or may not be the same ranking as you. But when the golden state warriors are playing they work outstanding as a team.

The Common Injuries

When you are feeling sore in your leg or your arm is tingly that is a sign. You should not use your muscles too much because if you do then you could seriously get hurt. If you overuse your muscles then you could get a bad effect in return. There are many injuries that could also happen and i will be giving some examples of some that can occur often. A very common in jurie is a eye injury because when you are playing on the court there are arms everywhere so when you are running your arms could be flying or if you go up for a rebound and when you come down your elbow hits someone that is very bad.

Stephan Curry's three point shot dance is muscle flex!