Cool Cats Update

Sunset Valley Elementary

September 19, 2016

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Super Hero Day

"When young minds are in need of higher learning, the world's mightiest super heros assemble. Together they are known as the Staff of Sunset Valley Elementary!"

September 30th is the last day of the 1st six weeks! To celebrate, we are inviting all staff members to dress as their favorite Super Hero!

The Principal's Den- from One Cool Cat to Another

Keller ISD principals began a book study this week. We are reading the book, "Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success to All" NCTM has undertaken a major initiative to define and describe the principles and actions, including specific teaching practices, that are essential for a high-quality mathematics education for all students. Our learning coach, Ashlee Smith, has offered to facilitate a book study with all of us too! Anyone is welcome to participate! We are planning to meet four times to discuss the book and share ideas. If you are interested, please sign up in Eduphoria on the following dates:

Nov. 9 - Course ID 27936

Jan. 11 - Course ID 27937

Mar. 1 - Course ID 27938

May 3 - Course ID 27939

We will also be reflecting on our new learning through Twitter and/or Google.

I would like to encourage all math teachers to think about the following -

  • How do you discuss and refer to the mathematical purpose and goal of a lesson during instruction to ensure that your students understand how the current work contributes to their learning?
  • Assessment helps you know what your kids have mastered and what they have not mastered. Studies show that using a variety of assessments more often helps your students show overall growth. Assessments can be formal or informal. Informal examples include exit tickets, self-assessment, reflection journals, running records, etc. Focus on the readiness standards. What types of assessments do you use?
  • You can use mirrored assessments - provide a pre-assessment and use something similar for the post assessment. For those students who have already mastered the concept - they can be provided a differentiated type of assessment to encourage more depth & more complexity. How will the end of unit performance assessments help with differentiation in your classroom?
Spaghetti Night

The Math Classroom - This is what WE do at SVES

How often to go over your expectations with your students? Probably everyday, right? Reminders are not always given because of something that is missing or lacking, right? Nod your head in an "up & down" movement. :) Sometimes we just want to talk about what it is that we are trying to accomplish. That's what this information is for. It serves as a reminder of what we ALL want to accomplish. These are the main bullets we talked about at the beginning of the year. These are the "LOOK FORS" in your math classroom.

  • Students are interacting with each other as well as working independently, just as adults do.
  • Students are using textbooks as one of many resources and using manipulatives and technology as problem solving tools.
  • Students are applying math to real life problems and not just practicing a collection of isolated skills.
  • Students realize that many problems have more than just one “right” answer. They are seeking the best solution among several solutions to a problem and can explain the different ways they reach these solutions, and defend one choice of one over another.
  • Students are working in groups to test solutions to problems with each group member highly involved.
  • Students are communicating math ideas to one another through examples, demonstrations, models, drawings, logical arguments, etc.
  • Students are working in teams to challenge and defend possible solutions and help each other to learn.

I am excited to see how your students do with the Performance Assessments at the end of the unit this six weeks.

Bobcat Gatherings & Committee Meetings

9/22 - The Bobcat Gathering for this afternoon has been cancelled! You deserve a break from meetings this week! :)

9/26 - Leadership Meeting

9/29 - Bobcat Gathering - Canvas Training w/ Lisa, Amanda & Kim

Dedication Ceremony - September 21st @ 6:00 pm

Don't forget...we're getting DEDICATED on Wednesday!

  • Our doors open at 5:30 & the ceremony starts at 6:00
  • Lots of important people are coming! :)
  • Please wear your convocation shirt and a nice pair of pants or a skirt.
  • Be ready to sing our school song and cheer our CHEER. Use this link to practice with your class.

P-R-I-D-E! Bobcat best at SVE!

P-R-I-D-E! We show pride, we’re family!



Once the ceremony is over (when we sing our school song), I'll need you to pick a spot around the building so when people take their self-directed tour, you're there to brag about how great our school is.

Need Sheltered Instruction or EQ?? Check this out!

The district has developed a series of 1 hour webinars (30 minutes live and 30 minutes independent) for your teachers and yourself to get to know more about Building Academic Language, Language Rich Classrooms and LPAC 101. The webinars will give Sheltered Instruction credit, SBEC credit and in some cases EQ time. All webinars will be listed on Eduphoria and held through Zoom.

Along with the department webinars they've also curated Region 11 and other professional development that will provide language learning opportunities for you. All opportunities are listed on the below Google Sheets link by month. Check back often as there may be updates to the outside trainings listed.

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