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- Issue 14 - January 4, 2015

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Happy New Year!

Welcome Back! I can hardly believe that we are already into 2016 ... wow! I hope that you all had an enjoyable Christmas break of friends, family, quality time and of course, food!

We are getting right back at it here at school. The students will be very busy the next few months in all of our subjects as we begin new units in Reading, Writing, Science and Math!

In reading, we will be beginning our new unit, in which we will explore book clubs and the skills of asking questions and inferring (making informed guesses) while we read.

In writing, the students will be beginning the writing process once again, this time with the goal to publish a fiction story that teaches a lesson.

In math, the students will begin the heavy work of learning multiplication! (Grade 3 the expectation is to 5x5 and Grade 4 to 11x11 and two & three digit numbers by a single number ex. 432 x 3).

In Science, we will begin our study of sound.

In addition, we will continue with word work/spelling this week.

My Gift ...

The most successful readers are those who see the joy in reading. Who create a habit for reading, and who set goals for themselves. Having unlimited time to relax and enjoy allows us to do things we don't always have time for when life gets busy. Over Christmas, I challenged the students to try to complete at least one book. My proposal to the students was that for each book they completed and shared with their classmates, they could choose any book they like to add to our classroom library. I look forward to hearing about their holiday reading!

Upcoming Dates

January 5 - Happy Birthday Shawn!

January 6 - Mrs. F away at training

Upcoming Dates - Watch for Scholastic Book Flyers coming home!


Grade 3&4 Swimming Lessons will begin in February 2016. Dates TBD.

Interesting Read of the Week...

Reading is Rewarding when there is no Reward for Reading - John Spencer