Fairington's Playground

Calling Fairington's local businesses!!!

Building Fairington Park's Playground

Since 2009, our priority has been to upgrade a 15 acre community park located in Fairington. We have made enormous progress and are moving into the final phase of building a playground for the Fairington Community. We are currently collaborating with partners working to make the community and the park a priority.

Chick Fil-A



Jolie's Event Center

Park Pride

DeKalb Parks and Recreation


We are the finalist to receive over $100K in equipment to build a new playground. Our playground is scheduled to begin construction on May 14, 2014, just in time for the community to enjoy our park activities and programs scheduled for this summer.

Our commitment is to help by delivering a smaller match of $8500 toward the

project and to gather community volunteers for two pre-build days and the actual

build day, that we put the equipment in the ground. We are seeking your support. We need business in the area to support us by helping us raise the funds and perhaps to gain two additional team leaders, who will inform the business community and be required to be on a weekly conference call moving forward to the build day.

In return, we will advertise your business in our community newsletter in addition to advertisement within the park and Fairington Elementary School.

The park is located at 2831 Fairington Parkway, behind the Walmart and Lowe's,

right before you turn on Phillip Bradley to go to Fairington Elementary school.

We have various videos online @Youtube Fairington Park and at my dream playground (Kaboom) web site where you can find out more about the project.



Fairington's Progress

Since the beginning of the project we have had the park sign installed and several picnic tables installed near the play area as well. We have planted trees, flowers and distributed mulch throughout this year.

We would like to see the youth in the community take pride in their park and we will offer community service hours to all students in the neighborhood. Our community ambassadors will be responsible for keeping the park clean.

We hope that you can assist the community park with a small donation of any amount to Fairington Park or support from your employees.

We would love to have you involved.

Please contact us @ 678-468-2126 for donations and support. Thank you!