Credit Project

Nick Chuku

Basic Credit

Paying for a good or a service before you make a payment, then paying for it later. The different forms of credit are Non Revolving Credit, Secured Credit, Unsecured Credit, Short-Term Loan. The benefits of having credit is that you do not have to pay for something right when you buy it but you can wait until the end of the month to pay for all of your expenses. Also you can win credit awards and also can win free miles on air plane flights by using your credit card. You can have good credit by paying all of your payments on time and being a good customer. This will cause for your credit score to be high and having a high credit score means you are more likely to get a loan.


Credit Card

A Credit Card is used for times when you do not have cash on you or you just do not want to pay cash, so you swipe your credit card and it goes to your bill at the end of the month and you have to pay it. Basically, it means buy now and pay later. You can use credit cards almost anywhere nowadays, almost every place takes credit and some places even offer rewards for using their credit card. If you do not pay your credit card on time you are going to have to pay more interest. Paying your credit card on time is very important because if you do not then you are going to have to pay interest and it is going to lower your credit score.

Keeping your credit safe

1. Make sure the website is secured

2. Avoid clicking on emails that pop up

3. Don't make a credit purchase in a public place

4. Check the BBB

5. Print online receipts