Suddenly, a Swordfish!

By: Bill Wang

Introduction to Swordfish

Picture this: a school of fish swimming merrily through the coral reefs. The brightly colored, huge mass of living organisms the reef is. Suddenly, a flash of silver, and a SNAP! Is it a shark? No, it’s the swordfish! The habitat, diet, and appearance of this fish will be told in this astounding tale of a fish (just kidding, it’s non-fiction).


This is a little comic for the swordfish, giving a little bit of information.
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A Swordfish Poem

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Word Wall

Some vocabulary cards for the swordfish.
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A quiz


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The numbers are used to show what the animals are.

  1. Swordfish
  2. Shark
  3. Hammerhead Shark
  4. Jellyfish
  5. Sea Turtle
  6. Clownfish (Nemo)
  7. Parrotfish
  8. Coral

Go Fish!

Okay, so let's pretend that I have $250 to spend on fish. So, to begin, I bought the essentials (tank, filter, heater, thermometer). After that, I bought a sunken ship, to show a realistic theme. I had about $100 left to spend on fish. With this cash, I got two powder blue tangs, and five neon tetras. After 6% tax on everything (I know fish don't get taxed, but I'll call that a tip), I came up with $230.05. Now, every inch of fish needs one gallon. I had about 11 inches. 20 gallon tank, with 11 used up gallons. A little over half, but at least the fish'll be comfy.

So after all that...

information, did you learn anything new? What’d you think of the diet? Anything amazing about the habitat? What about the appearance?