Ixonia News

Weekly Update 2/8/16 through 2/12/16

BLT Change

In lieu of our normal BLT meeting, we are going to have an initial planning meeting to evaluate the 4K/5K round-up process at IXO. Round-up is scheduled this year on May 5th.

We will meet at 7:30 in my office to discuss the following:

  • What we want to accomplish from conducting round-up? What information would be helpful to know about our incoming students?
  • How can other staff provide support for the evening?
  • Other models?

Who should attend? (I understand there are some other conflicts that morning)

  • 4K/5K teachers and paras (Chelsie's input will be added via Google doc)
  • Speech pathologist
  • Psych/guidance/social worker
  • Learning strategiest
  • Literacy Coach
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Teachers on Summary Year: SLO & PPG meetings


If you have your pre- or post-observation meetings with me this week, please plan for 10-15 extra minutes to discuss your mid-year SLO. If you don't please schedule 15 minutes with me by Feb. 19th.


  • Discuss your pre- or post-observation form.
  • Revisit your SLO goal and reflect on the progress of your targeted population identified. Are you on track to meet or exceed your SLO goal? Does your goal need to be revised? What strategies/instructional practices are working toward your goal? Any new/tweaked strategies need to be incorporated to meet your SLO goal? PLEASE BRING YOUR MID-YEAR DATA to the meeting (i.e. F & P scores, MAP growth, etc…)

Tentative scheduling requests

Remember to email me your grade-level scheduling "wish list" by Friday 2/12. I am looking for some things that you feel would maximize your time teaching:
  • Chunks of uninterrupted instructional time: minimal you would like to live with and your ideal
  • Placement of PIE time in your schedule
  • Alternate times for recess and lunch
  • Any other ideas you might have

I can't promise any these requests, but if gives me ideas of what you'd prefer to see.

Red vs. The Wolf - Friday, Feb. 19th at 9:30

In two weeks, Schoolhouse players group will be coming to Ixonia. The performance will be for students in grades 4K-3rd grade. Here is a synopsis of the twist on this traditional story in case you'd like to incorporate the story into your lessons prior to the 19th.
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Testing dates needed for Forward Exam

3rd and 4th grades only:

Derick Kiger is asking for the dates Ixonia plans to administer the Forward Exam. Teachers will be proctoring this exam. Because we have so many students who need accommodations, 3rd and 4th grade students should tests in two separate weeks.

  • Forward Testing Window: March 28-May 20
  • Spring MAP testing begins May 9

Clink on the two links below for more information. I'm happy to help with the scheduling as well.