By: Ariana Cardenas & Trinity Rubio

Intelligent Test

A test to assets children's thinking skills. It is used to understand and meet the students educational needs. The mathematical formula that is used to give a child an intelligence number is called Intelligence Quotient.(IQ) An IQ is comparing a child's test results to those who have the same age. The average child of any age has an IQ between 80 and 119. Scores higher or lower are said to be above or bellow average intelligence.

Multiple Intelligences

Multiple intelligence's are abilities in problem solving are creating values. Psychologists Howard Garner identified eight intelligence. The 8 intelligence's are:

  • Linguistic Intelligence-ability to use language and learn it.
  • Logical Mathematical Intelligence- ability to analyze problems using logic
  • Spatial Intelligence- Understanding the potential of space
  • Musical Intelligence- Preforming, composing, and appreciating musical patterns.
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence-Using ones body to solve problems and using mind to coordinate movements.
  • Interpersonal Intelligence- Helps work better with others.
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence- Capacity to understand yourself.
  • Naturalist Intelligence- Recognizing, catorgizing and drawing upon the features of the environment. Gardener believes that intelligence usually operates at the same time and balance each other as people development skills and problem solve.