The Bully

Paul Langan

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The Bully is about a boy named Darrel Mercer,and his bully's Tyray and his friends. Darrel meets a girl named Amberlynn Baile. But Darrels bully Tyray picks on Darrel and Amberlynn because they where talking to each other. Get the book to see what happend to Tyray and Darrel to see how he handeld it.

Character Analysis

Darrel changes from nice strong brave to scared afraid shy. The eventsthat caused this is meeting Tyray. Him and Amberlynn getting made fun of together. Then Darrel joins the wrestling team.Team from that he gains confidence then eventually Darrel has had enough he gets in a fight with Tyray.


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Paul Langdan

Paul Langdan was born in Philadelphia and and that was where Darrel lived. Then when Paul got older he moved to California. When he was there he got bullyed
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Book Comparison Hatchet

The book i'm comparing the bully to is Hatchet. For a couple reasons 1 Darrel is brave and strong so is the boy in Hatchet.2 The character in Hatchet faces threw many challenges to so does Darrel like bullying in Hatchet the main character faces being all alone in the wilderness. The differences are the main character in Hatchet is lost in the wilderness. But Darrel has a different challanges to face and its bully's and High School
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