Registration for Rising 9th Graders

School Year 2021-2022 (Orange High School)

How to register for classes in the 21-22 school year

Greetings Rising OHS students and families,

We're so excited for our rising 9th Graders to join us at OHS in the Fall! Your counseling department has put together many resources to answer your questions. Please review these resources, and then reach out to your Middle School Counselor or the OHS 9th Grade Counselor Mrs. Laws, if you need further assistance in completing your registration. Note that all courses must be selected by March 12th.

Registration Resources

To guide you through the registration process please follow the following steps:

Registration Steps (Easy as 1, 2, 3):

1. Freshmen Course List 21-22 (You will need this to help guide your selections Online)

2. Registration Overview-video (5 minutes)

3. Step-by-step how to register Online Video (3 minutes) or Written Instructions

Helpful Resources

4. Orange County schools course guide (Description of classes)

5. Virtual Expo OHS course offerings/Departments (25 minutes)

Registration Timeline (Important dates)

February 26th Virtual Drop Sessions for Students

9-11am CWS

11-12pm AL Stanback

1-3pm Gravelly Hill

Middle School Counselors will send out the meeting link (students check your email for the invite)

February 22nd through March 12th

  • Students can register for classes online (Powerschool) starting February 22nd through March 12
  • The OHS 9th Grade Counselor Mrs. Laws will be available during the day for registration appointments.

March 12th-Registration closes March 12th

  • Registration will close online for students on March 12. Be sure to sign up for your classes!


Engineering Academy Application

If you're interested in applying for the Engineering Academy, please click here.

The deadline to turn in an application has been extended until Sunday, February 28, 2021.

AVID Program

AVID is a college-preparation program for future first-generation college students who demonstrate the academic potential and determination to be successful in a 4-year college.

To apply for the AVID program please click here. Please email applications to the OHS AVID teacher Ms. Clancy Russel at

Flow Charts/Pacing Guides

Flow Charts/Pacing Guides are designed to help you map each class your student will take in a specific content area over the next four years. The pacing guide can also be a helpful piece of information to see the suggested pacing if you are thinking about honors, advanced placement, or career technical education courses.

Math Sequence

Science Pacing Guide

Social Studies Course Plans

CTE Course Pathways

Engineering Academy Pacing Guide

Registering for Honor Level Courses

Every middle school in Orange County Schools have made recommendations for honors level courses for math, english, science and history. If you are not sure if you or your student were recommended for an honors level course, please reach out to your Middle School Teachers. Please keep the following information in mind:

  • These classes will be more rigorous...which means you will have homework every night that can also lead into the weekend. Honors, AP, and CCP courses are more rigorous than standard courses; they move at a faster pace and require more work from the student.
  • You don't have to sign up for every course that you were recommended for, please keep in mind that you have to balance your other commitments such as sports, clubs and social life.
  • A record of success in Honors, AP, and CCP courses shows college admissions offices that students are prepared for college-level work.
  • If you were not recommended for an honors level course, you can still take an honors level course (but please discuss this with your parents and current teacher so that you understand the level of commitment that you are making).

Interested in taking college level courses as a High School Student?

Career & College Promise (CCP) is North Carolina's dual enrollment program for high school students. This program allows eligible NC high school students to enroll in college classes at North Carolina community colleges and universities through their high school.

To be eligible for a College Transfer pathway, students must:

  • Be a high school junior or senior.
  • Have a 2.8 or higher unweighted high school GPA OR demonstrate college readiness in reading, writing and math on a state-approved assessment test (SAT, PSAT, ACT, Pre-ACT,ACC placement test).
  • Maintain at least a college GPA of 2.0 after two college courses for continued eligibility

To be eligible for a Career Technical Education (CTE) pathway, students must:

  • Be a high school junior or senior.
  • Have a 2.8 or higher unweighted high school GPA,
    OR demonstrate college readiness in reading, writing and math on a state-approved
    assessment test (SAT, PSAT, ACT, Pre-ACT, ACC placement test),
    OR have written recommendation from the high school principal/principal’s designee. If entering CCP upon principal/designee recommendation, student must meet the prerequisite for any course in the chosen pathway.
  • Maintain at least a college GPA of 2.0 after two college courses for continued eligibility.

For additional information about the Career and College Promise, Please click on the follow links:

Durham Tech CCP Program

Alamance CCP Program

Need an appointment with a counselor?

Drop Virtual In Sessions

The 9th Grade OHS Counselor will be available virtually on Friday, February 26th for all the Middle Schools students for drop in assistance with your registration.

9:00am-11am CW Standford Middle School

11:00am-12pm AL Stanback Middle School

1:00pm-3:00pm Gravelly Hill Middle School

*Please check with your Middle School Counselor for the Calendar Invite.

Individual Virtual Appointments

February 22nd through March 12: The OHS 9th Grade Counselor (Mrs. Laws) will have 15 minute appointment slots to answer questions and assist with registration. Click the link below to make an appointment with your counselor. Note the appointments are for 15 minutes to allow as many spot available for students and families. Click below to schedule an appointment with Mrs. Laws.

If you need registration assistance in Spanish, please email Ms. Hally Chirinos, at hally.chirinos@orange.k12 or call 919-259-0315 for assistance making an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the answers to the most FAQs:

How do I find the description of a course?

Do I have to take an honors level course?

What happens if I want to change a class?

Meet Your Counselor!

Mrs. Laws is the designated Counselor for 9th Grade. Once you promote to the 10th grade you will have the same Counselor for the rest of your OHS years!

Student Services Department

Crystal Laws, 9th Grade Counselor

Phyllis Farlow, Counselor, A-Gl (10th-12th Grade)

Sam Westbrook, Counselor, Go-N (10th-12th Grade)

Kelly Schaeffer, Counselor, O-Z (10th-12th Grade)

Jose Ortega, College Advisor

Nick Montgomery, Career Development Coordinator

Matthew Hunt - Principal

Marcia Compton, Student Services Secretary

Cal Beneze, School Counseling Intern