Mrs. Lee's Weekly Update

News for the Week of April 17, 2013

Fun Run Collection

Thanks to all of you that have collected money for our Fun Run. The kids are super excited about the run and have been learning lots of nutritional information from our Lunch and Learns.

If a child brings in any amount if money Thursday, 4/18, he/ she may wear flip flops to school for the day. Please be sure to pack sneakers to wear at recess.

Shoe Tying Contest

There are many kids in our class that still do not know how to tie shoes. I told the kids that I want everyone to be able to tie shoes by Monday, April 22. Each kid that can tie their shoes, will get a special prize from me. So...practice that shoe tying!

What Are We Learning?

  • Reading Workshop- characteristics of fiction, finding evidence from the text to support our predictions, questions, and inferences
  • Math Workshop- combining tens and ones to add two digit numbers
  • Social Studies- scarcity, needs/wants
  • Writing Workshop- writing to a prompt, detailed beginnings and endings

Mark Your Calendars

April 24- Late Start; Fun Run