The Diary of Anne Frank

by Anne Frank

The Begining

R-reporter r-responder

R-Hello Anne Frank, How did you feel when your father told you that your family had to go in hiding, because the German Nazis were invading every ones homes?

r-Well I was actually anxious, there was only a few days in between when Daddy told my we were going and when we left, but it felt like forever. It is true that I did not want the group of Germans ran by Hitler to take over my house and strip us of our


R-Where was your secret annex?

r-Our hiding spot was actually my father’s office in Amsterdam, Holland, in which we had to move there from our original home.

R-How was your hiding spot disguised?

r-Our hiding spot was disguised, by the door to the office being cover with a shelf that Daddy had put on there so it blended in with the building.

R-Once you were there did you have anybody rooming with you?

r-Yes we had mainly Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan, who were rather annoying.

R-Were they truly terrible, if so what did they do?

r-It was almost always Mrs. Van Daan. She would take all the linens than my Mummy had brought for all of us, she was quite inconsiderate. She also attempted to flirt with my Daddy which was a little inappropriate.


R-How did you feel when you saw the peasants on the street?

r-I felt terrible when I saw the dreadful poor people out in the rain wearing dirty clothes with no umbrella to shield themselves from the rain. That was when I realized how lucky my family and I were.

R-While in hiding did you hear news about the war and the Germans?

r-Mrs. Van Daan always knew what was going on in the war. She told us Germany was invading multiple countries. Also that Germany had built up their Atlantic Wall to be able to hold back English Army. The Atlantic Wall was an extensive costal artillery system.

R-How long have you been in hiding?

r-I have been in hiding for two years now, I came here on July 6th, 1942 till todays date, which is August 3rd, 1944.

Alydia Meinecke


-German Nazis


-seceret annex


-Atlantic Wall