Fusing Art and Technology

Implementation of Key Technologies within the Arts

VoiceThread in the Classroom

Several of the resources that I traditionally use in VoiceThread curriculum and assessment can be found here at my link for VoiceThread. Some of key elements to consider are these:

-How to create instructional content on VoiceThread.

-How to create assessment content on VoiceThread.

Please see these key videos that allow you to see the implication of VoiceThread in the classroom:

What is VoiceThread?

VoiceThread Simply Speaking
Implications of VoiceThread within the Arts Classroom

Click this button to learn more about what VoiceThread and gain insight regarding how it could be used in the classroom and beyond.

Arts Assessment in VoiceThread

Making Sense of Assessment with VoiceThread
Official VoiceThread Website

For all of the official content related to VoiceThread check out this site.

Great Arts Assessment Website Utilizing VoiceThread

This is one of the best resources to study for further understanding about how VoiceThread can be used for arts courses.

VoiceThread Basics and Support

Specific assistance with VoiceThread can be founds directly here:

Step 1: Setting Up Your Free Account

Before we do anything else, we are going to set up a free VoiceThread account and have you try this technology out first hand. I will be sharing a VoiceThread to you via the email you registered with for this workshop.

Here is the link that will allow you to create a free account: https://voicethread.com/register/

Step 2: Learning the Basics

In this section, we want to overview some of the basic tools that one needs to know about creating and participating in a VoiceThread. This video is a great introduction to VoiceThread basics:


Step 3: Experimenting with VoiceThread by Commenting

We are going to get to be students here. We are going to take a VoiceThread that I have used in my online media arts course and have you try commenting on it. This VoiceThread uses the Critical Response Protocol, which is an inquiry-based approach to unpacking deeply a work of art or any learning artifact. Here is the link to the VoiceThread that I want you to comment on: https://voicethread.com/share/3131244/

* Don't forget that you have opportunities to use the zoom/pan tools as well as markup tools during your comments. You can text, webcam or voice comment easily with most devices.

Other Examples of VoiceThreads from My Online Course

I will apologize for these in advance... you will only be able to see these VoiceThreads when I am presenting as I need to be logged into my VoiceThread account in order to show them. Some might be open to the public in the near future: https://voicethread.com/?#u131621

Step 4: Creating Your Own VoiceThread

Dependent on time, available technology, and group interest, we can explore the nuts and bolts of creating your own VoiceThread for piloting with students. *** NOTE: If you are using a free account you can only make 5 VoiceThreads and you can NOT delete a VoiceThread to make room for another one in the future. It will force you to upgrade your account to a paid one. This is a great way to pilot what you would like to do with students in terms of assessment, and then use it to leverage the school district funding to buy the classroom or appropriate seat licensing by your district.

1) Select your media (if using a slide presentation such as Apple's Keynote, it works well to create the presentation in Keynote, but you will eventually have to export the presentation to Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF when uploading to VoiceThread.

2) Build your content in the presentation software or simply use voice over images or video directly in VoiceThread.

3) Remember to add text and prompts.

4) Add necessary voice-over directions if needed.

5) Share it with someone!

Online Learning Management Systems: Blackboard

If Blackboard's institutional pricing is out of your district's financial ability, you could start with Blackboard's Coursesites.

Online Learning Management Systems: EDMODO

A free, yet robust learning management system for organizing your own online or hybrid course.

Prezi: Online Presentation and Distribution Tool

Prezi is a presentation tool. Instead of slides, Prezi makes use of one large canvas that allows you to pan and zoom to various parts of the canvas and emphasize the ideas presented there.

IDOCEO: A Promising App for Arts Educators

A grade book, planner, diary, schedule and resource manager all in one app. With the ability to include photo, video, and voice recordings for documentation and evaluation.

Jeremy Holien - State Visual & Media Arts Education Coordinator

Jeremy Holien serves as the Visual and Media Arts Education Coordinator for Minnesota’s Perpich Center for Arts Education, whose mission is to improve K–12 arts education for all Minnesota students and educators through innovative programs and partnerships centered in the arts. Mr. Holien works in professional and curriculum development, state standards implementation and assessment practices. He is responsible for statewide initiatives in visual and media arts education.
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