Go Green Generation

We are The Green Generation! If not Now, then When?

Wednesday, Aug. 6th, 12-3pm

4301 3rd St

San Francisco, CA


In each of the workshops there will be opportunities to participate in hands on activities, games and trivia's to help better understand the concept. It will be FUN!

We are CORO Youth Fellows

We are 15 strong youth trying to make a change and raise awareness about the importance of our generation to lead the way in Clean Energy and conservation of our limited resources. It will soon be our turn to take the reins from the past generation and lead this earth, are we going to make the same mistakes, or are we going to go green and make changes for the better?

Our Supporters

Thank you to SFPUC, OUSD, and College Track of San Francisco for supporting us with supplies, information, space, and for putting the word out. You are greatly appreciated!