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Model Schools Newsletter January 2020

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Google, Apple, Naviance and i-Ready Tidbits for the Month of January

Shortcuts to Google Apps

Did you know--

Google has some new domain names to make it easier to start new documents from the web browser. For example, instead of having to navigate to Google Drive, click “New,” and select “Google Docs,” you can now type doc. new (no www.) in the browser and a new doc will appear. This works for Docs, Forms, Sheets, and Slides.

It works best if you are already logged into your Chrome browser before you try

Also, they have allowed for several options for each .new domain--

Docs can be:,,, or

Sheets can be:,,, or

Slides are similar:,, or


THE ONLY CATCH-- a very messy Google Drive!! Be warned!

Google Sheets users

Did you know that you can pull a slice from your pie chart out to highlight a piece of data?

The Google blog has the step by step directions for you. Enjoy showing off all that good data!

Model Schools Professional Catalog

We have 13 workshops running! Please come and stay for a while!

Some Apple updates and resources

Do you have your Apple Teacher certification? There are amazing resources connected to receiving the Apple Teacher certification-- Coding, iPad resources for multiple apps, and even for the Mac. They keep adding more resources and categories, so even if you have it, look again, there may be even more since the last time you visited.

5 things I learned from visiting an elementary school teaching with iPads

This blogger recently visited Mozaïek elementary school in Bruges (Belgium), and was blown away by what I saw there. This primary school has a one-on-one iPad program, where each student has access to an iPad. To show teachers from other schools how iPads are part of this school’s DNA, they organized a so-called ‘Appy Day’. Because for most of you, Belgium probably isn’t next door, I’ll talk a bit about what I saw there, and share with you some of the inspiring ways they use iPads and everything that comes with it here, so you can get started with these ideas as well.

New to Mac? 15 tips and tricks for macOS beginners

When you get your first Mac, you spend some time getting used to it. You figure out where items are located, set up apps like Messages and Mail, and prop a cool wallpaper on the screen.

After a while, you might be ready to learn some shortcuts for using Mac that help you do things faster or easier. So for you, we have this big list of tips and tricks for macOS beginners.

A few other noteworthy pieces:

Naviance User Group is being held 3/5/2020, from 9-2pm with lunch included.

Registration is at our Website (link below) or on the Model Schools Professional Catalog (link above) or directly on the link here.

i-Ready Updates/Info:

  • Remember that i-Ready has changed the diagnostic test expiration from 35 days back to 21 days.
  • Here is a PPT to help get students ready for their 2nd Diagnostic. (You may need to be logged in to access this PPT.)
  • If you have any questions or need support, you can contact Model Schools.

7th Annual Northeast i-Ready User Summit

March 2–3, 2020

The Saratoga Hilton

534 Broadway

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Event Invitation: :

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